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    Garbage Disposal Power

    If your garbage disposal stops working, you should:

    1. First, make sure that the power of the garbage disposal unit is Turned Off for safety, and always double-check to make sure that the switch of the garbage disposal unit is in the Off position.

    2. Remove anything in the basket that may Interfere with the motor and stop it from working. It’s best to use something other than your hand, a tool of some sort.

    3. Now turn on the switch for the garbage disposal. Do you hear a buzzing sound? If you do, then it could be that the disposal is broken or something is stuck internally.

    4. If you turn on the garbage disposal switch and you don’t hear any buzzing or whirring noises, there may be a small button on the outside of the garbage disposer somewhere, to press and “reset” the garbage disposal. Then try turning on the switch again.

    5. Finally, try to reset the circuit breaker on the electrical panel to see if the power can be restored. If none of these work, it’s time to find a good electrician.