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    Circuit Breaker Tripping

    The circuit breaker is designed to trip when it detects excessive power running through the wire it protects. 3 main reasons for circuit breaker tripping:

    1. There is a Short Circuit.

    2. The circuit is Overloaded.

    3. The Circuit breaker is Broken or Worn-Out.

    Short Circuits

    A short circuit occurs when two wires accidentally come into contact. A short circuit will immediately cause one of your circuit breakers to trip or one of your fuses to blow.

    To fix a short circuit, ask yourself this question: “What happened before the short circuit?” If you just plugged something in to an outlet or light socket or turned on a light or appliance, then this will give you clues about the cause of the short circuit.

    Overloaded Circuits

    When too much power runs through the wires, an overloaded circuit occurs. In order to protect the wires, the circuit breaker completes its work by detecting the overload and tripping. The solution to this problem is to remove some electrical appliances connected to the overloaded wire. You may want to consider adding a new power circuit to power all your devices. For this, you need a good electrician.

    Broken Circuit Breaker

    Sometimes the circuit breaker will wear out and need to be replaced. Find a good electrician for replacing the circuit breaker