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Ceiling & Bathroom Fans

Whole House Fan

You can cool your house with a whole house fan in substitution for an air conditioner. Whole House Fans can make your home comfortable for the entire family with a fraction of the cost of an air conditioner. Whole House Fans pull fresh cool air in from outside and exhaust this out of the attic, providing for adequate attic ventilation. Whole House Fan can provide 30-60 air changes per hour depending on the temperature outside. Call us today to learn more about how a Whole House Fan can cool your home.

Attic Exhaust Fans

Attic fans are installed on the roof through an exterior wall in the attic. Attic fans pull air through the hot attic space to reduce the infrared heat gain you can feel through the ceiling. Your home air conditioner will cool you better.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathroom fans will eliminate humidity, odor and airborne particulates from your bathroom. Without properly installed ventilation, your bathroom could experience paint peeling, or costly damage to your drywall and wood structures. Keep your bathroom fresh and dry.

Ceiling Fans

Rising energy costs have us all looking for solutions to reduce our energy bills. Ceiling fans circulate the air in a room to make the room more comfortable. Ceiling fans can be used year round to make you feel cooler or warmer. Make sure your fan is running in a counterclockwise direction in the summer to cool the air and the opposite in the winter to warm the air. A ceiling fan can make the difference between a pleasant evening or sleepless night.

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